Fresh Breakfast


**Turkey products are .75 cents extra**

Breakfast Bagel

** Bagels or Croissant **

w/Egg                                          $3.75

w/Egg & Cheese                              $4.25

w/Egg,Cheese & Bacon or Sausage    $4.25

Breakfast Sandwich

**Available on Wheat, White, or Rye Bread**

w/ Egg $3.50

w/ Egg & Cheese $4.00

w/ Egg, Cheese & Bacon or Sausage $4.50

Side Order

Oatmeal $2.25
Grits $2.25
Home Fries and onions $2.25
Bacon or Sausage $2.25
Cheese Grits $2.50

French Toast (cinnamon) $4.50
w/ Eggs  $5.50
w/ Eggs & Bacon or Sausage $6.50

Breakfast Platter $6.50
Bacon or Sausage, Eggs,
Grits or Home Fries & Toast
w/ Large Coffee $7.25

Silver Dollar Pancake (five) $4.50
w/ Eggs $5.50
w/ Eggs & Bacon or Sausage $6.50

Build Your Omelet

(3 eggs, delicious Home Fries & Toast)
Plain Omelet $
Cheese Omelet $4.75
Veggie $5.50
Meat Lover (ham, sausage, bacon) $6.75
Ham or Sausage $6.00

OC Famous Burgers
1/3lb beef served on a Kaiser Roll
*Served with chips  & pickles*
Substitute with Salmon or Veggie burger for $0.99

OC Hamburger $4.50
with ketchup, mustard, pickle & onion

OC Cheeseburger $5.25
with cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickle & onion

Gourmet Signature Burger $5.99
All special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, fried onions

All-American Burger $5.99
with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onion

Bacon Cheeseburger $6.50
with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, fried onions

Famous BBQ Burger $6.50
covered "Sweet Baby Rays" sauce, pickle & onion

Zesty Teriyaki Burger $6.50
covered in tangy Teriyaki sauce & pickle

Philly Burger $6.00
with ketchup, cheese & fried onion

Five Alarm Burger $6.00
with Jalapeno peppers, hot sauce &onion

University Turkey Burger $6.50
with lettuce, tomatoes & onion

Bagels & Muffins, etc...

Big Town Bagels
Plain, Onion or Cinnamon $1.75
    w/ Cream Cheese $2.25
Croissant $2.50

Municipal Muffins $2.25
Blueberry, Cranberry Orange,
Bran Raisin, Banana Nut,
Chocolate Chip

Delaware Danish $1.50
Cherry, Blueberry, Apple,
Pineapple, Strawberry

Precinct Pound Cake $2.25
Butter, Marble, Lemon

Cooper St. Cookies     $.90 or 2/$1.90
Chocolate chip
Oatmeal Raisin
Macadamia Nut

Specialty Treats
Centerville Crumb Cake $2.25
Broadway Brownies & Blondies $2.25

OC Famous Grilled Chicken

Sandwiches served on Kaiser roll with chips and pickles (cheese extra) 
Fresh chicken breast made to order!

Famous Grilled Chicken Strips $5.00
Fresh chicken breast

Gourmet Signature Chicken Sandwich $6.50
with special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, fried onions

Famous BBQ Chicken Sandwich $6.50
covered 'Sweet Baby Rays" sauce, pickle & onion

Zesty Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich $6.50
covered in tangy Teriyaki sauce, pickle & onion

Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich $7.00
with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes & onion

Grilled Chicken Caesar Sandwich $6.50
with Caesar dressing, lettuce & tomatoes

Blaze'n Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $6.75
with Jalapeno peppers, hot sauce & onion

Cheese Steak $5.25
(6oz steak, cheese & fried onion)

Hot Dog (all beef) $1.25
       2 Hot Dogs (all beef) $2.00

Grilled Sausage (all beef) $2.25

Grilled Cheese $2.75
with ham, bacon, turkey $4.00
   with soup ($1.50 extra)


Coffee Items

**20 oz Large Coffee is $2.25

Freshly Ground Coffee
City Blend $1.50 $1.75
City Hazelnut $1.50 $1.75
City French Vanilla $1.50 $1.75
City Ice Coffee $3.00

Espresso Drinks  (Freshly Ground)
Espresso $2.00 $2.50
Americana $2.00 $2.50
Espresso Con Panna $2.00 $2.50
Macchiato $2.00 $2.50

Specialty Items (Freshly Ground)
Cappuccino $2.75 $3.00
Cafe` Latte $2.75 $3.00
Cafe` Mocha $3.00 $3.50
Signature Latte $4.00
Chai Latte $3.50 $4.50
(Vanilla, Spice, Choc, Raspberry)

Smoothies strawberry, mango, etc $3.00

Herbal Teas $1.25 $1.75
Chamomile, Cranberry, Mint
Chocolate Mint, Earl Grey,
Peach, English Breakfast,
Peach Apricot, Strawberry,
Blueberry, Raspberry
OC Wraps/Sandwich
(White, Wheat, Rye, Croissant or Roll)

Grilled Chicken Wrap $6.50
Fresh chicken breast with special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes

Tuna Wrap $6.50
Tuna salad, with dressing, lettuce, tomatoes

Chicken Wrap $6.50
Chicken salad with dressing, lettuce, tomatoes

Broadway B.L.T. Club $4.25

Club with Chicken or Tuna $6.25
Triple Decker bacon, lettuce, tomatoes

Meatball Sandwich $6.00
Beef meatballs covered in tangy Italian sauce  & cheese

OC Salads

Garden Salad $4.50
lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions
With Tuna or Chicken $5.75

Grilled Chicken Caesar $5.95
Grilled chicken breast, Romaine lettuce, cheese, dressing

"Breakfast and Lunch All Day"
Takeout, Catering, and Local Delivery are Available